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The What, When, Why, and How of Testing (Part 2)

In the previous post, we examined the Why and When of testing in this post, we will build on that foundation and look at How much we should be testing.
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The What, When, Why, and How of Testing

When it comes to testing, the most common misunderstanding is the motivations of testing itself. Some folks see testing as a burden imposed from on high. Some folks see testing, or more specifically, test coverage, as a metric that determines how well they did their job. Sorry, but neither of these is true. This post will address these fallacies and give you a different perspective on testing.

Book Sneak Peak: Slow Consumers

The following content is a small extract from my latest book Beyond Effective Go – Part 1 – Achieving High-Performance Code. Slow consumers When designing function...

Book Sneak Peak: Deadlocks

A small extract from my latest book about deadlocks
Tightly coupled Go code

How-to fix tightly coupled Go code

Have you ever added a new feature only to have another one break?  After fixing the break, something else breaks, like some kind of bug whack-a-mole? Have you ever...
testing external services

Testing External Services

There seems to have been a lot of talk around me lately in relation to "dev boxes" and "testing on staging". After unsuccessfully trying to convince folks of why I think this is a bad...
programmers beware - us is not just for designers

Programmers Beware – UX is not just for designers

This post can also be found on the Grab Engineering blog Perhaps one of the biggest missed opportunities in Tech in recent history is UX. Somehow, UX became the domain...
you dont need transaction

You don’t need transactions

When I tell people, "No transactions!" their first reaction is either "he's mad" or "for my use-case its necessary". I know this was my reaction when it was first said to me. I happened to be working on a money...
Go Tricks

A couple of neat Go Tricks

Last week I was privileged to give a talk to the Singapore Gophers meet up held at the GrabTaxi Singapore Tech Office. The talk was titled "Dependency Injecting (and Testing)" and was inspired by this great article...
golang and revenge of capt obvious

Golang and the revenge of Capt Obvious

I found a lot of my code (particularly the tests) had code that looked like this:   Then I was reading yet another great post from Karl Seguin and I noticed there was a much better (sexier) way....